Pythias Braswell with Wes Buckley

Join us at the beautiful Beverly as we present the new Pythias Braswell album, “Thy Merciful Teeth.” This long-awaited archive of minor suffering and major reverence will be translated into live, human music by Michael C. Hays and an all-star band of Hudson Valley players. With him will be Otto Hauser on drums, Terence Murren on bass, and Matthew Moorman on guitar.

Sound-crafter and songwriter, Wes Buckley, will begin the evening with his wise and deep-diving anthems.

Come, be with us, as we smash One Mind against the bow of this brave music!

Pythias Braswell is the musical offering of Michael C. Hays, a poet and composer whose songs are direct, impassioned, austere, haunting and hopeful. His vocals combine the trance-induced, improvised expansions often found in devotional hymns of the world, with the structure and lyrical clarity of a Jazz-era ballad. His guitar work draws from American folk traditions until it reaches the edge and falls off into the unknown quadrants of the soul.

Wes Buckley

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Admission: 18+

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