The Beverly Presents: Viking Moses, Jesse Ainslie, Keenan O’Meara

The Beverly Presents:

$8 :: 7PM DOORS :: 8PM SHOW


Viking Moses, AKA Brendon Massei, achieves a special balance of warmth and command, with familiar melodies that draw listeners in and oblige them to stay. Strongly lyrical songs are played out through tunes that flirt with pop, soul and Americana, all strung together with a unique pulsing guitar, and by Massei’s robust voice, which ebbs from delicate whispers to throaty howls.

20 years and counting, Massei has won over fans and critics with the delicate melodies of his songs, and through his versatility as a performer — his live show is as compelling in a living room as it is in a major venue, and his songs as natural in a movie soundtrack as on a record player. The lore of Massei’s outsider lifestyle has won him interest and praise.

2013 saw the release of Werewolves Across America, a documentary by UK Production Company Pulse Films about Massei’s life and lifestyle as a touring musician. Massei’s music also features on 2014’s BAFTA-winning UK film Kelly + Victor, and documentary film The Legend Of Masty Huba (2011).


Jesse Ainslie, is a former member of Phosphorescent, Castanets, Virgin Forest, played with Neil Young, Willie Nelson, and others. Jesse has just started recording own songs, which has been released on Epifo Music about a month ago.


Born in Maryland. Living in Shandaken, NY. Unmotivated naturalist. Writing songs instead.

Admission: $8 :: 7PM DOORS :: 8PM SHOW

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