Frode G / Fred Lonberg-Holm Duo plus Special Guests

Frode G and Fred Lonberg-Holm duo plus special guests Joe Mcphee, Michael Bisio and Zoots Houston.
Gjerstad (reeds) and Lonberg-Holm have been playing as a duo for over a decade. The first set will find them re-aquainting themselves after a years hiatus.
In set two they will be joined by multi instrumentalist Joe McPhee, bassist Michael Bisio and junk collector Zoots Houston for what is sure to be an epic meeting.

Frode G and Fred Lonberg-Holm have made three duo cd’s and a number more in different configurations including with Louis Maholo-Maholo, Stine Janvin Motland, Paal Nilssen Love and StÃ¥le Liavik Solberg. Here’s a review and audio from their most recent duo recording…

Admission: $10 Suggested Donation

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