Foster Powell w/ The Belle Curves

Foster Powell, Amy Anders, and Daniel O’Connor met at Bennington College and in the fall of 2018 formed a formidable trio of electric guitar, octave “fiddle bass”, drum kit (as played by a classical percussionist), and vocal harmonies. Carling Berkhout (Carling & Will, Surplus Daughters) has since joined on lead guitar.

The Belle Curves is lead by Delaney Hafener, formerly of Pandafan, featuring a rotating cast of musicians. They have crafted a unique sound inspired by the many traditions of americana, complementing introspective lyrics and a songwriting style reminiscent of the Laurel Canyon scene. Their music touches upon themes of self-doubt, progressive politics, identity, and disaffection, working to craft a distinctly youthful folk aesthetic. The debut full-length album Promising Light is available now on all platforms via Silo Recordings.

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Admission: 18+

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